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DBX Energy Consultants (DBX) partners with client management teams and subject matter experts to decode DOE and NNSA procurement and operations directives that pre-determine both contract awards and performance fees. Both DOE and NNSA are incredibly diverse and complex, and with incredibly diverse and complex organizations come incredibly diverse (and independent) practices and personalities. We are well-equipped to pilot you through this twenty-five billion dollar bureaucratic labyrinth, or convincingly explain why this market is not opportune for you.

Our value proposition is our skill and experience analyzing typically vague and conflicting requirements and expectations within a broader and deeper context and perspective. The benefit to you of our factoring “legacies” along with “all things contemporary” is a more balanced, clearer, and creative targeting of technical approaches and associated costs.

DBX professionals are not only well-grounded in DOE and NNSA sub-cultures, policies, and personalities. We also are adept at the engineering, science and technologies underpinning the tasks at hand. Decades of lessons-learned help shape and prioritize approaches that will resonate with Federal project directors and neighboring communities alike. Follow-up management assessments will mitigate unexpected shortcomings and structure effective corrective actions.

  • You will earn higher scores from source selection boards.
  • You will smoothly transition to “Notice to Proceed”.
  • You will earn higher performance fees from award determination officials.
  • You will earn more option years and win more recompetes.



DBX Energy Consultants (DBX) provides market assessments and strategic analyses to clients interested in oil and gas developments in North America and other major resource regions. Enhanced recovery techniques and technologies have revitalized the North American oil and gas industry. Once again there is serious discussion of U.S. energy independence. Areas once considered depleted or uneconomic are attracting interest and investment. Opportunities are plentiful — but they are accompanied by risks as well as potential rewards.

DBX offers professional experience and knowledge (including geologists and petroleum engineers) to clients seeking independent evaluation of national energy and environmental policies, oil and gas technologies, proven and possible reserves, comparative economics, and market participants.


  • What are they?
  • Where are they?
  • Are they realistic?
  • Who is there now?


  • What are the geologic targets and complexities?
  • Which technologies are promising (and which are not)?
  • Will demand/supply/pricing support economic extraction?
  • Will market conditions sustain profitability?
  • Will energy and environmental policies support development?
  • What about ground water?


    • How valuable are mineral rights?
    • What is a reasonable ROI on enhanced oil and gas techniques and technologies?
    • How is this market navigated profitably?



DBX Energy Consultants (DBX) performs independent market assessments and regulatory reviews of emerging nuclear renaissance technologies and fuel cycle services.

  • Small Modular Reactors
  • Centrifuge and Laser Uranium Enrichment
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policies and Practices