Core Competencies

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Market Assessments:

  • Does historical global perspective really matter?
  • Will technological innovations overtake investment horizons?
  • What energy sector developments will most likely reshape the U.S. economy?


  • Is the RFP signaling more than it is saying?
  • Who are the decision makers — what do they really want?
  • What are the risks — can you afford to mitigate them?
  • How do you earn labor and community support?


  • How should you define the end-game upfront?
  • How will you document due-diligence?
  • How will you take the drama out of demonstrating readiness to perform?

Business Development:

  • Branding – what are you known for?
  • Is your brand what the client is looking for?
  • Communications — how do you make your capabilities memorable?
  • Do other contractors appreciate why partnering with you improves their competitiveness?
  • Where do you begin?



Management Assessments:

  • What do your clients and employees want changed but will not tell you?
  • Does your corporate risk program include ethics? Are you in compliance?
  • Has your workforce really embraced continuous process improvement?
  • Does your organization encourage and reward ownership and accountability?
  • Are your leaders in leadership roles?

Readiness Reviews:

  • Are your Plans and Procedures comprehensive and complete?
  • Are Facility Walkdowns properly organized and staffed?
  • Have you effectively determined and documented Readiness to Perform?

Equitable Adjustments:

  • Does scope creep merit compensation?
  • Is your request clear and persuasive?

Mergers / Acquisitions / Divestitures


Candidate Evaluation:

  • Gap analysis – what added capability optimizes your profit growth?
  • Which candidates provide you the greatest profit and diversification?


  • How do you efficiently manage due diligence and achieve conflict resolution?
  • How do you mitigate culture and other integration challenges?